In recent years, franchising (a very specialised and unique form of licensing) has become an increasingly popular way of doing business. One of the explanations for doing this is that franchising combines the strength of their corporations with those of small businesses. It is a relatively low-risk way for people to get into business themselves and offer people the freedom to earn, manage and to direct their own business, while having the support of an established business.

At the same time it also provides a means for companies to expand effectively without incurring the high overheads and management difficulties usually associated with the establishment of a branch network.

Our Franchising team is able to assist with all legal aspects related to franchising agreements and litigation.


  • Strategic structuring and set up of franchise systems
  • Protection of intellectual property including:
    • registration of trade marks/brands
    • copyright advice
    • patent and design advice
    • know how and trade secret advice
  • Advice on the Consumer Protection Act
  • Preparation of business focused competent franchise agreements
  • Review and updating of disclosure documents
  • Auditing and updating of franchise agreements
  • Auditing of franchise business systems
  • Ongoing successful management of franchisees
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Licensing and commercialisation of intellectual property
  • Distribution and agency agreements
  • Company registrations and secretarial services