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Wishing our Jewish friends and colleagues a peaceful and blessed celebration!

Emerging solar tech with brilliant SA researcher on team, filed for provisional patents! #perovskites @AdamsAdamslaw

It's #WineLandSem time! Skip the stampede: be the #Leaderofthepack & get your tickets now @ @Wandawyn @AdamsAdamslaw


[On Air] @Boitumelo_Zitha is joined by Miss W Griffiths @AdamsAdamslaw partner to discuss COPYRIGHT AMENDMENT BILL

Our Director @olusola_o attending the 5th Annual Africa Network Meeting held in Pretoria and organised by @AdamsAdamslaw.#AfricaIPNetwork17


we made sure @whippingthecat IP is also protected (r).

Is #GrumpyCat's IP protected? Kareema Shaik says "miaowst definitely" at #AfricaIPSummit17

We go through #IP implications in Cyberspace, specifically looking at Domain Names & Social Media. #AfricaIPNetwork17 with @NISHANSINGH

Looking forward to the next session at #AfricaIPNetwork17 with @NISHANSINGH and Kareema Shaik. It's about to get #Lit !!

Megan Moerdijk moderating a vital discussion on the Madrid system in Africa at the @AdamsAdamslaw #AfricaIPNetwork17

#AfricaIPNetwork17 Principal Director @EPOorg François-Règis Hannart takes us through the latest developments at @EPOorg.

Afternoon Session begins: @EPOorg's François-Régis Hannart describing the role of the European Patent Office #AfricaIPNetwork17

Director of Madrid Legal @WIPO, Debbie Roenning discusses the main features of the Madrid System and how it works. #AfricaIPNetwork17

#AfricaIPNetwork17 @WIPO

We welcome Debbie Roenning, Director, Mardid Legal Division, who introduces us to the latest developments at @WIPO. #AfricaIPNetwork17

Our friends from across the continent at #AfricaIPNetwork17 on a beautiful springtime morning. Welcome! @WIPO @EPOorg @_ARIPO #OAPI

Nicky Weimar at #AfricaIPNetwork17 Meeting

Some aggravating factor triggers such as external funding constraints contributed to the regions disappointing growth. #AfricaIPNetwork17

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