The Union of Comoros consists of three Indian Ocean islands, namely Anjouan (Nzwani), Moheli (Mwali) and Grand Comore (Njazidja), of which the latter is the largest. The island group is located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel, between the east coast of the African mainland and the island of Madagascar. Countries nearest to the Comoros are Mozambique on the mainland to the west, and Madagascar to the southeast.

Area: 1860 km2: Grand Comoro (1146 km2), Anjouan (424 km2), Mohéli (290 km2) (Mayotte, not included – 375 km2)

Population: 795,601

Capital: Moroni (on Grand Comore)

Currency: Comorian Franc

GDP: $1.329 billion (2017)

Internet domain: .km

Languages: French, Arabic (official languages), Comorian

Working week: Monday – Saturday (half-day on Friday and Saturday)

Exports: Cloves; perfume oil; copra; ylang-ylang trees and products

Imports: Rice and other foodstuffs; cement; petroleum products; consumer goods; transport equipment

  • Trade Marks

    Comoros is a member of the Paris Convention. The general legal system of the Union of Comoros is a hybrid system based on Islamic law and an inherited French legal code (Napoleonic code). Although the union is a member of the Paris Convention, it does not, at the time of writing, have any legal instrument in place by which to give effect to the rights and obligations envisaged by the Convention, or afford registered trade mark rights.

    It is, however, possible to arrange for the publication of cautionary notices in local newspapers, which aim to serve as notifications of a proprietor’s trade mark rights. Whilst the legal effect of such notices remain untested in the courts, it does have a deterrent effect against potential infringers. The content of the notices is monitored and it is unlikely that advertisements which cover, for example, alcoholic products or cigarettes, will be allowed.

  • Patents

    Comoros is a member of the Paris Convention and PCT. Even though Comoros is a member of the PCT, having deposited its instrument of accession in 2005, the filing of a patent application is not possible at this time as Comoros has no patent legislation. Accordingly, in the absence of any legislation, no patent protection is currently available in this country.

  • Designs

    Comoros is a member of the Paris Convention. No design protection is currently available in Comoros.

  • Copyright

    Comoros is a member of the Berne Convention. Although the copyright law was apparently put into effect by a government order, as indicated above, it is unclear whether the law is in fact being applied.

  • Plant Breeders' Rights

    No Provisions